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No pain, no gain?

Saw some interesting research about appropriate footwear for running in The Times on 12 Sep.  I ran a marathon in 1979, wearing plimsolls and with no ill effects other than a couple of blisters. So when I saw the article … Continue reading

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Plimsolls vs. running shoes

There’s been research done, according to several newspaper articles, one in the Mail and one in The Times putting forward the view that “plimsolls can outrun pricey trainers”. In an article by Lucy Maddox today in The Times, and citing … Continue reading

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Age and exercise

Saw an interesting article in the Times Body & Soul today, which made me feel inspired.  It was in the news recently that a 64 year old woman swam 110 miles,”proving the power of grit and determination above youth and … Continue reading

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Tip for running up and down hills.

When running up a hill, just as your stride turnover should remain unchanged, from running on the flat, so too should your breathing.  If you find you are breathing more heavily, then you are probably running too fast. As you go … Continue reading

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Exercise diary from 23 August

Friday 23 August 20 mins run round park some uphill walk to Leisure Centre 25 mins 1 hour aerobics into town and home again on bus

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Running advice

Joining a running group can be motivating, and running with a group on a regular basis, reinforces the running routine. When running alone, pick a time and place that is convenient, maybe a nearby park, either mornings or evenings or a quick … Continue reading

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